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  • Spookies



    When farting zombies can't save your film you know you went wrong somewhere.

    I mean look this is a daft film but I can see why if you grew up with it you might find it fun. But when it comes to so bad they're good films I think we all have ones that work for us and ones that just don't, and sadly this one did not do it for me.

  • Switched Destinies

    Switched Destinies

    Very much made me think of chats me and my best friend have had. She grew up in LA and I grew up in the UK I would love to go and live over there and she has no clue why, she feels just the same way about the UK!

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  • Scanners



    Loved it. I often forget about David Cronenberg when thinking about my all time favourite directors but the more I see of his work the more I love his films.

  • The Ghost of Slumber Mountain

    The Ghost of Slumber Mountain


    "I asked Joe to take his clothes of and pose but he said no."

    "..a Hermit known as Mad Dick."

    "..I Sat by the fire and thought of Mad Dick."

    " I seemed to be aroused by a voice calling me"

    "The voice led me to Dicks.."

    "What followed made my blood run cold."

    "His fevered breath was in my face.."

    Good short film, about dinosaurs in case that was not quite clear.