Chernobyl ★★★★★

Chernobyl is one of the most harrowingly crafted shows/films I have ever seen. It is dark and bleak, and at no point does it revel in this. It would be easy to finish watching this and think that this is a self-contained incident that only reveals the incredibly evil and often stupid nature of the Soviet Union. While this nature is certainly true, this event, and more specifically this impeccably crafted show, expands its scope way beyond the implications of what was and still remains one of the most catastrophic events in history. It is not just about an awful event, caused by awful people.

Chernobyl could happen anywhere. It is such a human frailty to believe that it couldn't happen to you, in fact it is one of the very frailties repeatedly highlighted within the show itself, yet it seems to have flown right over the heads of a lot of the viewers. People are incredibly stupid most of the time, and are often cowardly in a paradoxically aggressive manner. There will always be people in power to fuck it up, and there will always be the people, the expendable forces used to fix the problem with blood and sweat and bare the consequences. Three Mile Island. The 1961 Goldsboro B-52 crash. We've been incredibly close to having a Chernobyl ourselves. All it takes is lies and incompetence, and there's plenty of that going around.

Most of all though, I could not shake my own comparison of the actions of the main characters and that of the world right now in regard to climate change. Many of you may believe that we have 10 years or so to fix it, but this is not true. It is already too late (much of the data used to compile that number failed to consider the nonlinearity of the data at this point in time as a result of factors that will lead to exponential growth in global average temperatures). Human extinction within this century is now a possible and almost likely outcome. Lies and incompetence and downright evil right now will inevitably lead to the collapse of society as we know it at the very least, with the consequences only getting worse and worse from there.

"Why worry about something that isn't going to happen"

They should put that on our money too.

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