Paprika ★★★★½

A lot of the reviews I have seen on here about this one have made reference in some way to 'Inception'. I totally understand this, and I am going to do it too. The problem with a lot of the mentions though (certainly not all of them) is that they liken the two films just because of the whole dream thing. This in no way truly appreciates the complexity and surrealism that 'Paprika' brings and the lack of such being present in 'Inception'. Don't get me wrong, 'Inception' is great, but it is actually incredible simple and easy to understand, and dumbs down the legitimate surrealism of dreams. On the other hand, 'Paprika' is not easy to understand by any means, and thoroughly captures the wacked-out, batshit craziness that dreams can encompass within our frail subconsciouses. The best films can never truly be pinned down as one thing, and this film certainly falls within that category as well. It actually has a lot to say about our goals and aspirations as human beings, in addition to the exploration of dreams themselves. It also tackles human identity, and the battle between how we view ourselves, how society views us, and who we really are. Not to mention its exhilarating score, flying colors, and unique animated surrealism makes it incredibly fun and exciting as a whole. I could not recommend this more, and I am excited to tackle more of Satoshi Kon's filmography, especially 'Perfect Blue'. I can see this rating going up in the future for sure.

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