Rocketman ★★★½

This is by no means a hot take or anything at this point, but basically this is what Bohemian Rhapsody should've been. Of course, Rocketman is by no means devoid of some of those classic biopic tropes, yet it is so much bolder and more inventive than the latter that it's almost difficult at times to see how Fletcher could've had such a big hand in both productions. Pretty much all of the key emotional peaks hit with the power and grace that they strive to achieve, allowing this man's full life and troubles to feel as real as possible. Similar to Queen and Freddie Mercury going into BoRhap, I didn't really know much about Mr. John (or Mr. Dwight I guess) apart from that my parents used to listen to him in college and still do to this day. When the story, editing, and directorial style is bland, this can dampen the film significantly. Although it is still filled with a few moments of cliche, Rocketman's bold choices allow it to stay fresh and stimulating throughout -- even for a non-fan.

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