Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★½

So much fun!! Probably one of the funniest and generally most entertaining additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. The whole cast is great, and Tom Holland is really making Spiderman his own, and is definitely the greatest live action (might just be Spiderman Noir, still deciding) Spiderman there is. Zendaya is perfect, and captures all of the little quirks and tiny gestures that allow the emotionality of each scene and interaction between MJ and Peter to flourish. Of course, Gyllenhaal was already one of my favorite actors and I would have loved to see him as Mr. Fantastic in a more stoic role but damn is he great in this. I feel like if I describe his performance it will give some things away so all I will say is that he is electrifying and full of charisma. Of course, Martin Starr is amazing in every scene he's in and JB Smoove was a fantastic edition to the cast. Overall, some of the action set-pieces were bold and fiery and exciting as hell; they really turned it up a notch from Homecoming.

My only complaint really is with the way they handled "the blip" in this film. Sure, if they tackled the truly insane nature of what happened and the full weight of the emotionality of such an event it would have changed the tone completely, but I wished it wasn't as brushed off as it felt. Maybe they will get into more in the coming films (probably not) but I was hoping everything wouldn't seem back to normal like it did some of the time (not all the time). I still loved the film but I felt like it could have been a more emotionally wrought story for Peter.

As for the end-credit scenes (if you don't want to hear about it generally leave now), holy fucking shit. Look I read a lot of comics and I know a lot of the older storylines and my immediate reaction is that I really have no idea where they're going with this as of right now. I'll have to reflect on it some more but they really shook up everything and they seem to be building to something big.

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