The Dead Don't Die ★★★★


I think I might be the exact target audience for this. Its humor is as dry as you could possibly get, and its tone is so matter-of-fact and aloof that I can totally see why others might stray away from this one, but it's right down my alley. This might be the perfect movie to see on a rainy Monday morning at 10 am. Also half the reason I wanted to see this was to see Adam Driver say ghouls again and it was totally worth it. I could've done without Tom Waits' lazily-written ramblings at the end, but then again this is in no way a perfect film by any stretch of the imagination. This exists somewhere in the strange cross-section between Twin Peaks, The Room, and Taika Waititi I think so if that's your thing than check this out.

Side note:
Wu-PS might be the greatest thing to come out of the history of cinema.

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