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  • Life



    Pretty much the most "meh" movie I have ever seen. Acting, cinematography, soundtrack, the twist... it was all totally fine and also totally boring. Not a single spark of innovation, nothing I haven't seen before. It's not offensively bad - it's decent in everything it does and one can watch the movie without getting bored. But am I going to remember anything from it a few months from now, apart from the couple making out a few rows ahead of…

  • Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

    Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV


    What an uninspired mess of a movie. Not as bad as the other Final Fantasy movies Square awarded us over the years, but definitely not good. There is barely any story, and the stuff that is told is all over the place, the original characters are undefined and unlikeable, and the only scene that got any emotion out of me was the after-credits scene - because that's where we see our protagonists from the game.

    It looks good - the…