• The Miracle of Life

    The Miracle of Life


    Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for a semi-serious look at teenage angst as experienced by a living placenta.

  • Prey



    I enjoyed this a lot, though I guess I watch too many foreign movies, because I found it disconcerting that the indigenous cast mostly spoke English with one another. In other words, I think I might have liked it even more if they did NOT speak English and the film was subtitled.
    Oh wait! I just stepped away and read a couple of other reviews and now see that a Comanche language version actually exists! Must watch that version next time!

  • Radio Patrol

    Radio Patrol


    The action and drama here ain't entirely bad, and a black police officer (in a supporting role) is surprisingly treated non-offensively. Right up until someone remarks on the advantage he has being incognito at night, that is.

  • Ko-Ko's Hot Dog

    Ko-Ko's Hot Dog


    Any humor one may find in this gets lost once Ko-Ko the Clown and his dog get locked inside a Gas Chamber.

  • The Poor Nut

    The Poor Nut


    Bookish fella writes to pageant-winner and misrepresents himself as a fraternity letterman. And he somehow ends up with both her and another attractive woman competing for his favor.

  • The First Year

    The First Year


    A disappointment all around, despite its starring Janet Gaynor. And the less said about Leila Bennett in blackface as a maid, the better.

  • Kitty from Kansas City

    Kitty from Kansas City


    "She's so dumb... she thinks that Einstein is one glass of beer"

    Rudy Vallee' sings "Kitty from Kansas City," a "comic" love song about a none-too-bright 243 lb. woman who may not be pretty, but "when she makes her love.. Oh, Gosh!"

    Sure, it's offensive, but that Einstein line is choice.

  • Jack and the Beanstalk

    Jack and the Beanstalk


    Unremarkable early Disney.

  • Glamour



    An attractive, yet hard-to-like, Constance Cummings gains fame after pursuing a famous theatrical composer (Paul Lukas) and then falls for a younger man that she arranges to be cast alongside her. The composer loves her so much, he sets her free, but then 10 years later...

    NOTE: I saw this at Capitolfest and it was introduced by director William Wyler's daughter, ________________. Like us, she was seeing it for the first time.

  • Celebrity



    A mediocre boxer's manager has him pretend to be a poet in order to get more notice.

  • Little Red Riding Hood

    Little Red Riding Hood


    A modern Red Riding Hood tale that is unremarkable and repetitive. If it weren't an example of early Disney, it would be of no interest at all.

  • Newman Laugh-O-Grams

    Newman Laugh-O-Grams


    Early Disney