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  • Cleaners



    VL Raza. Or a reminder of past loves, mistakes, regrets and hopes. Reading K-Zone near the 9 o'clock. Honestly, I used to be a bully before, in an everyday school bus and on a now defunct website named Google +, as a product of really mean angst. I just wish I can talk to the people who didn't deserve it by saying sorry. But like what user (and bestie) Tanuki said to me earlier, we have to learn to forgive…

  • Haru



    Or to when I saw you for the first time (really). Focusing in and out through cutting. Never saccharine. Emails overlaid on top of the urban life. Sometimes being alone leads to saying dumb; silly things. Socializing online whenever you can: the problems; the lives we live on. I wanted to see who's behind that text. I wanted to know who you are. I wanted to send out some sort of a message through writing these reviews. I was quiet…

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  • My Ex Diary

    My Ex Diary


    Korean drama (web series)

    Millennial thoughts. Lo-fi hip-hopping for when you grew to be. Short and sweet, to pass in a week, or even a day of watching self-growth (despite there being no English subtitles available for me to fully understand the narrative) in a book, squeezed in the smallest innocent web series package there can be.

  • Oldboy



    Ant Dreamer. Mouth Silencer. Old Boy.

    Lead all the life experiences that you ever had; led into the trap of never walking away as vigilance. Artsy touches calculate and flourish aside vulgarity, but when you think about it, this isn't arthouse as it would be widely suggested. The genre framework seems so simplistic, but the buried emotions aren't. This is a psychological drama. No, this is an action-thriller. Or was this ever a revenge study? Aside from one that resides…

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  • Drive My Car

    Drive My Car


    The memories; regrets that were alive and died together. Composed of conversations to build up meaning. A life shared from burning cigarettes across the night. You will be left breathless; your words may slip away. From there on, there were more languages to learn. To the trials of our lives, to learning how to...

    Drive my car

    “드라이브 마이 카”



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  • The Tokyo Night Sky Is Always the Densest Shade of Blue

    The Tokyo Night Sky Is Always the Densest Shade of Blue


    I remember a time when I was really young, walking down the streets of my old neighborhood; on a certain day, and encountering kids who upon seeing them gave me a bad feeling. I started to walk away from them, and realized they were following me with malicious intent, so I gave chase. Even when someone noticed this and shewed them away, I still went home crying; ended up staying in the house for months due to this. Scared the…