• Tokyo Sonata

    Tokyo Sonata


    Detachment ensues. In an identity destruction, of a family gone south. Kiyoshi Kurosawa, in honesty, has his narratives having a certain focus towards the far-fetched and absurdity; inconsistencies in the wavelengths of a message at times. There is a brightness in these spaces that I can always admire though.

  • A Silent Voice

    A Silent Voice


    Change within the surface. A positive animation testament to how one can understand the character's personality based on their drawing design, despite archetype-ness and a sense of dullness. There's a river of too many supporting roles coupled with an immature dramatization of seriousness; muddling potential. Something about the personality and attitude of this, though, doesn't make me hate it. It's too bright at the same time, sure, but it youthfully tries; admirably so in my eyes. Like a small encouraging…

  • Decision to Leave

    Decision to Leave


    Flirting with mysteriousness within a yearning tension. I can feel the wind in my nose, like a growing cold inside the lungs exhaling in and out; from the warmth of the colliding bodies. This is my notice to you, and how you react to it, big or small, will define your actions in this state of flirting with minacious disposition. May the mountains inside you put to rest the fever of your body. But what a false hope it was.…

  • Soul Mate

    Soul Mate


    Don't go flooding my nostalgia. Sometimes you found yourself in a triangle. Sometimes you wanted a nice emotional density of a competently made young adult novel (though with the tendencies for melodrama and conflict going down a path that one can easily predict). Maybe this was still a time you didn't understand everything, lacking wisdom amidst optimistic naivety. You still wished it came in to say hello daily. "Did you see the feathers that rained down yesterday?" the inner thoughts…

  • The Last Witness

    The Last Witness


    You see atrocity. You see failure. They built themselves an ideology; a myth. To which there is no equality to be felt. Who will sing our song now? Suddenly, seasons start to change in a psychological desperation. Pages may not be left for the future to see. Will he find it in a different way? Because people still remain with the traumatic scars and the deepest sadness worth a lifetime. And so he heads down to the river, left with…

  • Uniform



    Tunnel of Memories. I saw the river, the realization of cynicism. Through a perception of everyday identity; the drama of noir. Though Diao Yi'nan should give complexity to the female characters he writes for a message to feel less superficial.

  • About the Pink Sky

    About the Pink Sky


    We don't have a color here, like their days; likewise to mine. There is no simple succession to the narrative. I know for a fact that I'm always like this, but as the friends we are, there is nothing wrong with it. No one ever seems to stay still. Young life is but a small daydream.

  • Untitled 77-A

    Untitled 77-A


    In need of expression, she'll wind across oppression for our collectivism.

  • Mr. Hurt

    Mr. Hurt


    Shifting images and broken shells of the heart's memories. This mainstream standardized rom-com formula has it's own mixed result tricks up it's sleeves: the brief introduction of European gangsters for farceful juvenile hijinks (and makeshift weaponized tennis materials), a rather contrived twist that doesn't serve much in the context of this story and Linn Mashannoad Suvalmas' adorable charm. But I also vibed with this a lot; sometimes there's a enjoyable passing-by atmosphere that never feels like a masterpiece. Maybe as a viewer, you feel a guilty pleasure in just wanting to see good-looking people in love and doing goofy shit sometimes.

  • Jealousy Game

    Jealousy Game


    Exchanging desire, within flinging loyalty; inside psychology through the insecurity and problems that rotate around each one's personhood. In a genre that's about gazey thirstiness (with a lot of times in many entries where it's mainly placed to the inaccessible vulgarity, bizarre transgressions; exploitation tendencies to note), I admire this dedication to full-genuine and confident drama with a thinking artistry. It takes it's time, flourishing these characters; studying them, where intimate scenes drive them home to discussions dependent on generation, so there's always a character drive to this. Young and loud to a long-time marital thinking. Like an almost absurdity or a complicated history.

  • Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

    Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance


    Raining and crying over the swamp. You were silent like sickles cutting grass, to which you started to feel pain in your chest; something starts to bleed all over you in silent rage. The abandoned construction sites... the foundations upon material that we were assigned to, seemingly from the beginning... of course, we can fight back, but who can ever come back the same, dead or alive? Sweet sugary aftertastes have never tasted so metallic.

  • Last Life in the Universe

    Last Life in the Universe


    The Twins / Romantica. Heartbroken ammunition in the urban wind continued to remain sly around the romantic language sea wall, while I longed for you while the credits rolled. Maybe I will think of possibilities along the way, just for now, sooner or now. The cannabis day raised again; I will always love how you never made sense.