Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★½

Was that an Inland Empire reference at the end?

Really good movie. Extremely impressive animation obviously and the tone was well maintained. Pretty much all of the humor worked but the structure did feel like it was made up as it went along. A bumpy ride that took off and landed perfectly. 

Relevant TMI: I have this memory of leaving university campus on a bus and overhearing this girl (maybe a business major) talking to this boy (probably a fashion major). She was trying to convince him he should put a logo and label on the clothes he planned to design, but he was adamant that people would recognize his clothes for their quality, not the label. 

While I admire his confidence (kind of) I’d have to say I agree with the girl that having some sort of label or trademark would establish his identity and associate said quality with his brand.

This, I think, is the effect of Anderson’s satisfactory symmetry. Only one of his trademarks, but definitely a recognizable one, this is definitely not his attempt to make his films distinguished out of fear that quality will not do that already, but it’s his indelible calling card that will forever be associated with him. People don’t generally like his films exclusively because they’re symmetrical, just as we find it odd behavior to like clothes exclusively because of the label. 

Bottom line: good movie.

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