Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused ★★★★★

Rewatched. Call it nostalgia, call it what you want. No, you can call it nostalgia, there are some serious hints of that here.
Either way; I still remember the first time I watched this. I was in Junior High. Every other weekend I would stay at my dad’s place. We usually got to watch better movies at Dad’s place. We rented the VHS from the local video store. Thinking back I can remember listening to my Dad and his girlfriend voice the nostalgia for the time period depicted by Linklater.
Remember this song? We used to play it all the time.
Remember when cigarettes were 60 cents?
Remember when the drinking age was 18?
Oh my gosh, those pants. I had a pair just like them.
You remember those big headphones? They were so uncomfortable.

Or nostalgia for the nineties. Watching this I get some serious nostalgia vibes for myself and the time period of endlessly rewatching Dazed and Confused prior to and throughout high school. I really got a sense of timelessness from this viewing. How as a High School student in the late nineties/early two-thousands I could relate so honestly to what being depicted in the lives of those coming of age in another generation. This just goes to show the universality with which Linklater writes and directs these characters, he seems to cut to the heart of the transformation that all young adults seem to make at this point in their lives regardless of the cultural time period. A film that will continue to resonate with a sense of relatability with a certain age group and a sense of nostalgia with another.

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