Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

it feels the least like a fast and furious movie; not necessarily a bad thing, but this movie is definitely sillier and leans more into the schlock than ever before. while the rock and statham are a wonderful, banter-filled duo, i found myself missing the pathos that vin diesel, michelle rodriguez, and of course, paul walker brought to the original films. also han, but let's be real, they're bringing that bitch back. no one dies forever in the fast and the furious.

the direction was really, really fun, though i wish there were more cars! thankfully the truly awe-inspiring final sequence scratched my itch, but if anything, hobbs & shaw mostly served to hype me up for the next true installment in the franchise. they really do keep pushing the action and the sci-fi elements to crazier and crazier places, i kept gasping at all of idris elba's crazy tech, and all the implications of it within the f&f universe. the gift that keeps on giving.

"sometimes in life, things happen, even though you might not want them to."

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