pretty good... emile mosseri don't miss but I wish they made his score loud as fuck like they did in Last Black Man in SF, I really think thats an ideal application.

as for the story .... david and grandma were standouts, every one of their scenes is like magic. steven yeun is sickeningly handsome but didn't love the parent's plot trajectory.. it didn't have much of an arc so i wish they spent less time on it if that's the route they're gonna go. ending was too abrupt!!

as I feel with every 2 hour movie it either should've been edited down or packed with more energy and pumped up to 3 hours. if I'm really gonna live in your movie then commit and give me more! 2 hours is just not the right length in general unless every scene is constantly propelling u. however at the same time 2 hours is not enough for immersive cinema such as this. I'm leaning toward a tighter edit of this since I feel there were a few scenes in this that were lacking (last big fight scene with parent specifically). But, I would still be interested in a director's cut especially if we get more of a resolution.

what I'm saying here is totoro is only 89 minutes long. I think it's good but I think it was missing something to really make it magic. sorry to everyone I know this is the stan of the season. nice coloring and like I said all the scenes with the kid or his grandma were totally killer. Interested in what Isaac Lee Chung has next because he defininely has spirit !!

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