Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★★

Thor: Ragnarok is honestly everything a Marvel movie should be. 
The visuals, the acting, the comedy, the characters, the script, everything about the film could not have been more perfect!
The greatness of the film is also in the way it ties not only the Thor movies but also the other films Thor has starred in, Into the movie. The tie-ins are great and just signify what the MCU should be about.

The cast is stellar and each actor and actress breathes life into their roles and even the multi-MCU-movie actors gets to play around with their roles, and are great in their performances. They excel in what they achieve and it makes for the funnest Marvel movie to date. (And Jeff Goldblum is one of the best characters and basically plays himself) The women of the film are incredible in their roles and the first Movie-MCU female villain Hela is one of the best villains we have gotten.
I love ladies!

In all honesty, yes I do say after most Marvel movies that that one is the best one, but Thor Raganrok?! Really is the actual best one. I’ve not had as much fun or enjoyed myself as much as i have with any other MCU movie, and I have no complaints over plot or well, anything! (Well maybe more Jeff Goldblum but whatever...

I really really REALLY do love Taika Waititi after this film, and I will be sure to check out his future work.

It honestly deserves 5 stars and i believe it will take its place as one of the greatest Marvel films ever made for a long time to come. Thank you Taika for this piece of MCU greatness.

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