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  • Possession



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    Hooptober 6.0 boxd.it/3X7zy
    Movie 21/33

    There is so much to say about this movie that I don't really know where to even start. Andrzej Żuławski wrote and directed this film and I'm just in awe at what he created here, first off his direction and the decision to use mostly wide angle lens throughout the film was amazing, the wide angle shots really gives you alot of context to what is around the characters and he uses this by mirroring…

  • Paddington 2

    Paddington 2


    Life's greatest mystery, how did Paddington inflate his chefs hat by holding his nose ????

    Also can this just win best picture every year till the end of time please? Thanks!

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  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    2019 Ranked boxd.it/3XKtk

    A24 Ranked list boxd.it/3WGgO

    So this was my most anticipated movie of the year, and it exceeded my expectations. It's an instant classic in my eyes. It's one of the strangest films I have ever seen and I loved every minute of it. Robert Pattinson gives a career defining performance in this movie, he is absolutely manic and at times hilarious, and of course Willem Dafoe is excellent and has some of the best monologues ever in…

  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver


    This is one of the few times where narration from a character has worked flawlessly in a film to me. Travis is such an expertly written character, that he maintains a balancing act between a relatable man and a mentally unstable lunatic, he is a very lonely person stuck in filthy place and he wants to clean it up, and he goes to extremes to do so, while trying to juggle his misunderstandings of everyday life. This film's plotless structure…