Batman Begins ★★★★½

Batman begins was an excellent start to the now legendary Nolan trilogy. I love how the film treats the origins of Batman in this film and the dark tone works perfectly and makes sense for the character. Nolan is a masterful director and his talents are in full force here. So many memorable shots in this movie. This was the first time we see Christian bale as Batman and honestly him and Michael Keaton are still tied for being the best Batman in my opinion. Scarecrow was really cool in this film and creepy, excellent villain to start off with along with the real villain being liam neesons character, Ra's al Ghul. Everyone's performance was great, except for mabye Katie Holmes, which even she didn't really do all that bad but is a bit wooden. Overall this one is often forgotten in the shadow of the next two films, but make no mistake it's still one of the best comic book movies ever.