Black Christmas

Black Christmas ½

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This review may contain spoilers.

So what were they trying to do with the messaging of this film ? All this film has that even makes it to the forefront is its "message" because everything else is just horribly boring or stupid to the point of hilarity. This film basically shoves it's "all men are horrible rapists" message in our faces for the entire run time with no subtlety or any reasoning to believe that claim.

Our main character is a victim of sexual assault but unlike the excellent invisible man remake for example, that actually goes into how something like that effects the main characters life and how she overcomes it, black christmas instead doesn't really do anything with that entire plot point and actually blames the main character for not acting sooner to stop the problem and making it her fault essentially. The characters in this film all have their own toxic hive mind going on, the female characters all hate men and just yell about it for the entire film, without letting anyone actually have a real conversation about why they feel this way and the men are all part of a cult that kill women, and believe they are superior to them. This film doesn't actually empower women at all, and it does a horrible job at handling the problem of sexual assault and how victims are ignored. The original film actually did the female comradery aspect much better, you actually felt like the characters in that film were friends and actually had personalities that made them unique. The sad thing here is this movie could have worked just fine if the script wasn't absolutely incompetent at handling the themes of the film.

This movie is so far removed from the original that it really shouldnt share it's name, it doesn't feel like Christmas at all in this movie, it isn't at all scary, and aside from being about a sorority house, it has little in common with the original. The killer(s), which have very little screen time in this movie were So bad and uninteresting, which is also the exact opposite from the mysterious psycho of the first film. So basically this film fails at everything it trys to be. The only aspect of this movie that wasn't horrible is the cinematograpy, which was pretty good at times.

I'm gonna go watch Little Women 2019 now to wash this film out of my brain.

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