Under the Silver Lake ★★★★★

Under the silver lake might be the definition of a hidden gem, mostly because A24 didn't believe in this movie and delayed it to oblivion and then dumped it on Amazon prime. This is David Robert Mitchell's return after the great "it follows" debut, and in my personal opinion it's even better than his first film. Andrew Garfield plays Sam, a very laid back man that is barely making it in East LA. Right off the bat the movie has a strange scene with a squirrel that falls out of a tree and looks up at sam. Sam is on his porch watching his nude bird loving neighbor, when his attention is grabbed by a girl at his apartment building pool, played by Riley Keough. Later he meets with this girl and it sets the film into motion when the next day she disappears and Sam decides to go on an adventure to find her. Sam uncovers conspiracies, murders, and strangeness all through out his journey. Along the way, we as the audience are trying to figure out what is going on, what our main character is doing this for and more about him. This film has alot to uncover and deals with codes and secret stuff, in the plot and inside the film itself. It has almost a classic movie feel to it while still feeling modern, and the depiction of LA is so interesting and well done. The score also has the same feeling as the movie does and really enhances it. It's a wild adventure with dog killers, crazy muscians, and a whole lot of hollywood magic. Andrew Garfield really gives his best performance in this movie, he blew me away. It's a blast figuring out the mystery and going along with the adventure while watching and once it's over, it encourages multiple viewings. Highly recommend this one, it's one of my favorites to just put on randomly and get lost in its world.