Toy Story 2 ★★★★½

yeah i guess seeing the teaser for 4 got me in the mood to watch this again. folks, it's toy story 2. you know if you like it or not. it's the movie that really cemented pixar's spot in the canon of animated films.

i guess the only hot take i have here is i don't really like the sarah mclachlan song. and maybe some of the direct references to other movies aren't really that cute anymore. but otherwise it's a hoot. and it's a great sequel because of how it picks up where the original left off and expands on its themes.

pretty cool that shortly after the events of this movie, woody and buzz are gonna fight the heartless. that's dope.

next year will be this movie's 20th anniversary. it's a little tough reflecting on the older pixar movies because they were all formative film experiences for me, even moreso than the renaissance disney films! i was super obsessed with these movies for such a long time that even though i shouldn't care that much when a movie of their's doesn't effect me that much, it feels weird when they don't. that part of me always wants to revisit these movies and find out if i still like watching them. so far so good it seems.