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  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle

    Kingsman: The Golden Circle


    “Hey, hey, Elton. Language. Okay, well, as fabulous as your catalogue is, I think I want to hear some Gershwin.”
    The cast is great, particularly Pedro Pascal and Julianne Moore. The actions sequences are great, particularly the opening car chase/fight. It’s just a great action movie that takes the more comic book-ish elements of a James Bond film and just amps them up. And it works beautifully. Minor complaints are the length and this movie (and it’s predecessor) might just be too cynical. Which, in the era of Trump, is hard to believe that anyone could be TOO cynical but this movie pulls it off.

  • Resident Evil: Vendetta

    Resident Evil: Vendetta


    There is Man of Steel level collateral damage in this movie. While Man of Steel can justify it, the good guys in this movie knock buildings down for absolutely zero reason. It’s awesome.

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  • Upgrade



    “Stem, he’s got a knife!”
    “I see that. We have a knife, too.”

    A tremendously fun ride and Logan Marshall-Green gives a way better performance than he needed to. It was like an episode of Black Mirror but turned up to 11. Despite a slight lull at the end of the second act and few logic problems, this movie is just a goddamn good time.

  • The Predator

    The Predator


    “Gentleman, they're large, they're fast and fucking you up is their idea of tourism.” 

    Dumb, silly fun. Really dumb. Don’t ask more from it than that and you won’t be disappointed.