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  • Rams



    Rams grabbed me from minute one to the very end and I haven‘t been so excited and involved in a movie for a long time. What makes this movie stand out so much is especially its authenticity, it never feels compelled and unlike lots of films these days it goes beyond the concepts of good and evil. If I had to describe the film in a word it would be "bittersweet". It describes, on one hand, the ambivalent feelings that…

  • Colette



    The greatest qualitiy of the film can be summened up by what my friend said when we walked out of the movie "wow i'm disappointed… i thought we are still in france".
    Like the protagonist draws the readers of her first book to the romantic land, the movie catches us with it's beauty and doesn’t let go easy.

    We are taken on the journey of the young Gabrielle Colette. Soon Gabrielle realizes that neither her marriage nor paris meet her…