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  • Love Streams

    Love Streams


    hey imma try to write a semi personal review so don’t judge i’m not good. also tw for discussion of self hatred and suicidal thoughts. also this is very disjointed so just be warned. 

    this is going to sound very cringe but, as every moment in the day passes, with varying levels of intensity, there’s a massive void or hole in my chest and mind, i feel so completely empty every second of my dragging and monotonous life, where the…

  • Mirror



    Andrei Tarkovsky’s Mirror is a personal, spiritual, unique, meaningful, and powerful film. It’s effect on me, even in just the couple days I first saw it, is immense. The film’s focus is purely on life and how our life affects us and why we are who we are. It plays with many visuals metaphors and long moments of silence to express it’s message, unlike many films that will just tell the audience everything. Most of the film is silence, we…

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