Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★½

We live in a world where superhero movies are abundant, there are at least about 6 every year. The superhero movie is becoming an over saturated genre that wants to make money and attract it’s viewers over actually making any effort to be a great film most of the time. These films feel dull and lifeless now. We are so accustomed to this cinematic universe market, that we can’t think of a world where we don’t get 2 or even 3 Marvel movies that are all the same. Very few films attempt to change things up. Even when these films are based on comic books, some don’t even take the stuff that makes that character such a good, you know, character. They take the cool stuff like the powers and suit design, and leave stuff like morals and issues. I’m trying to refer to the MCU’s Spider-Man. This adaptation has lost everything that’s made Spider-Man who he is. Spider-Man is a poor kid in New York City that lost his uncle to a man he didn’t stop. Uncle Ben taught Spider-Man responsibility and selflessness. The new Spider-Man is lacking this feeling of responsibility and selflessness that Spider-Man has. There is no Uncle Ben and there is no economic struggle. Things are handed to him by Tony Stark. Tony Stark replaced Uncle Ben in this universe and I hate it. Spider-Man, he ends up doing something stupid that he could’ve avoided if he wasn’t so selfish or dumb. That isn’t even the only reason I hate the film, it tries to make a duality between the lives of Peter Parker and Spider-Man on this dumb trip by making have to be constantly doing one thing or the other. This failed abysmally for me. The pacing in this film is god awful. It can’t decide if it is a fun and light hearted school vacation film or a spy/superhero movie. It can’t blend these two to create cohesive film, it feels like a mess. Another problem I have is that Spider-Man’s arc in this film is to not be stupid, which would work if it wasn’t already done in Homecoming. I feel no connection to Spider-Man, which has a lot to do with my connection to Stark and Peter’s relationships, which I hate, so it’s hard to relate to him in anyway, when I could relate to him much more if he constantly thought about how much he misses the man who taught him the most in this world. The only thing I really love is Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance as Mysterio. He’s always good in what he’s in so it’s no surprise there, but Mysterio himself is muddled down for me, due to every fucking character in this universe needing to be related to Tony Stark in some way. There are more characters in Marvel Comics than just Stark. You could’ve been the slightest bit more creative by introducing someone that could have a stronger influence on the MCU in later films because you feel the need to make everything connected, but no, you make everything related to Stark even in a SPIDER-MAN movie. It’s just really annoying to me. I’m just really passionate about comic books, they were what movies are to me now, as a kid and still a little today. They’ve taught so much, just like film. Spider-Man is a complex character that I’ve loved ever since I was a young kid. Part of this hatred for new Spider-Man is from love for Spider-Man as a character. The Sam Raimi Spider-Man films were incredibly influential to me as a kid and even today that it’s hard to think of any other Spider-Man adaptation.

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