Knight of Cups ½

I haven't written any thoughts on here in a while, but I also haven't been this turned off by a film in a while, so it only seems appropriate now that I break my non-writing streak. This was my third experience with Malick after seeing The Thin Red Line (which I really enjoyed) and The Tree of Life (which I'm fairly neutral on and would like to revisit), and I really didn't know what to expect because I've heard a lot of mixed things about Malick post-TTOL. As for the positives of this film, Malick certainly knows how to move the camera around and is able to keep things consistently visually interesting. The editing is also on point although at certain parts I felt the transitions between shots were too quick which lessened their impact, while other times the camera lingered around for no apparent reason. Another positive is that the film moves along at a nice pace and I really didn't feel like it dragged too much (even though I was mostly disinterested). Aside from those positives I just mentioned, the film falls flat in nearly every other respect. I found this movie to be a complete bore (a fast-paced bore luckily) and I just didn't connect with basically anything on screen sadly. I didn't care at all about Bale's character and I got very tired of the annoying whispered narration and Bale walking around with his hands in his pockets. Ugh. If this is similar to Malick's other post-TTOL work I highly doubt I will be enjoying any of it. I still want to check out Badlands and Days of Heaven though.

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