i'm retired, i invented dice when i was a kid. 20.
favorites: august slipped away into a moment in time

Favorite films

  • Murder, My Sweet
  • Sex, Lies, and Videotape
  • Sharp Objects
  • The Great Gatsby

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  • The Lost Boys


  • After We Collided

  • Some Like It Hot


  • SLC Punk


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  • Smooth Talk

    Smooth Talk


    “i’m not used to feeling this excited”

    there’s a scene towards the end of the film where connie’s family finally leaves the house and she is free to do whatever she wants. she runs through the house, blaring music that she feverishly dances to. eventually, this fluster of relief and excitement fades away and she is left laying inside with no one to keep her company, save the fly that continues buzzing - the only thing that signals that time…

  • Mikey and Nicky

    Mikey and Nicky


    mikey loves nicky. and it’s that kind of love that makes you ignore all the little cruelties and jabs that he does send your way when he sees you every 3 months. he’s an awful friend. the kind that only comes to you when he needs something. but you love him anyway. he has those big piano player hands that you can’t help but notice. he makes fun of you. but at least he acknowledges you. he calls you ‘the…

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