Im 22 years old, and i love movies. Horror the most.

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  • Jumanji



    Had to rewatch the classic after the remake. The monkey boy, hunter, plants, spiders, man this stuff was great as a kid. 90's ruled.

  • Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

    Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle


    My girlfriend wanted to watch her movie choice, but i talked her into watching this, we were both all hyped that theyre gonna play the board game again, and then it turns into a fucking videogame. Was a bit anxious that i fucked up with my choice, but it turns out its a fun movie and i didnt regret it. Good to watch when tired and dont want to fall asleep.

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  • Why Him?

    Why Him?


    Comfy core. A safe comedy, predictable, has some funny stuff.

    Im so lonely dude.

  • Green Room

    Green Room


    This movie has everything. Bad guy who doesnt want to be there, quirky running joke, which pays off for a perfect ending, real punks, gore porn which is done fucking well, ambient/punk soundtrack, The shots at the start with the band, just living, while the viewer knows it will all go to shit, are just ahhh, love it. Give me more Saulnier please, i think he is my favourite director at the moment.