Dogtooth ★★★★★

Berken's May 30 Days, 30 Countries Challenge Film nº 5 - Greece

It's really hard to express the feelings I've experienced while watching Dogtooth. The story is simple: three young adults live isolated from the world, obeying the strange and distorted rules of their parents. But the film is much more than this.

The atmosphere makes you feel like you're part of the family. The shots, the lack of soundtrack, it's like a home movie, a home movie like the ones the kids watch. They don't know nothing of the world, they don't watch TV, they don't have a computer, they don't read books, they don't even see the packages' labels their father carefully throw away before coming home. And you're there, inside that eerie and disturbing walls, watching their lives.

Although some of the "rules" are ridiculous to us, imagine you lived your whole life knowing nothing more than that reality, where every word meaning something alien to the house is translated for something familiar to them (like zombie getting the meaning of a yellow flower). It's really frightening and disturbing.

We get a little hope, though, when the elder daughter starts showing some signs of individuality, but only to watch it been taken away, creating a feeling of hopelessness and sadness.

This movie is not only about a strange family, it's a film about overparentalism, it's about totalitarianism, it's about the abuse of power.

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