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"we like to believe that we have free will"

Oh god, where does one start
reviewing a documentary like this?

It starts off as a fresh, fun, quirky "story time" told by one of the triplets and their friends. They laugh as they tell the story, so you laugh. They sound so happy to have found their brothers, so you feel happy. This is done not in a manipulative way, but as a way to empathize with everything they've been through.
And they've been through a lot.

It starts to feel suddenly dark, as a conspiracy type documentary. Your head starts to fill with thousands of questions. And you get all the answers... well, minus the most important one, because they don't know it either.
This is why this movie is so great, you feel as if you are a part of the story. Every single detail is discussed and it leaves you wondering in the most amazing way.

also I know this is nearly impossible but I hope at least one of them outlives 2066.

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