A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge

A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge ★★★★

cw: queerphobia.

nascent queerness. idk, it feels less -phobic than we know it is; that in context it's smth we fear and have a right to fear bc it's fearful. lisa (kim myers) is there as a suburban-ly socialized surrogate for perspective comphet visualization, happy as an object of still affection, near lifeless but focused. emotional but still. she can plead for jesse (mark patton) to forget and fight a fight that she can only see as an overcoming, not a synthesizing acceptance. crucially the final scene shows a lack of interpreted understanding re. sexuality as distantly-performative-emotionally-guarded script among the community group. but girls can kiss each other by the poolside without issue; seems kinda suspect then that jesse and lisa only hug after defeating freddy (robert englund) despite motioning towards romantic attachment. that aforementioned guardedness seems clear throughout, even "blatantly" -phobic moments like the gym teacher's murder speaks to a repressed authority of social coding within punishment and (resulting? self-?) flagellation as stable masculine enterprises. if nothing else, violence is emotionally upsetting, and i disagree that there is little blurring of worlds into a virtual real; it's the entire unreality that destabilizes a socially complacent constructionist functionality. (will's writing on this is truly top-form though, and i agree with them here on most everything!!—at least in specifics.) how de we feel about freddy as the displaced abject?

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