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This review may contain spoilers.

[super]natural gaslighting, betrayed by the medium. what's my experience with blair witch? one p.m. late in the school year—at the weekend—at home alone in the summer, watching on my laptop at the wooden all-purpose table. a way to tick off a box, to say "yep! i've seen that film too!" even if within three months such a statement would be superfluous because by then i would have forgotten near or next to everything about it. it's a context filtered through a medium that's filtered through a medium that's filtered through a medium (these latter two media having their own contexts both diegetic and non-diegetic); my response to which is currently now, being filtered through a medium to you (imagine perfect blue but... etc.). i'm sensitive to the way our narrativizations within cultural context are displayed to express emotional simulacrum via the virtual real; here so especially, because the ultimate conclusion is that there is no correct way to watch the blair witch project. it's anti-cinema. "america" is just off-screen.

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