The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

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This review may contain spoilers.


Leans into its absurdity as a counterweight to its jarring brutality. I definitely appreciate more now what this film is trying to do. Tom Savini's gore effects do more in depersonalising and theatricalising the truly emotional moments, which is why when the film rests on them it creates this terrifying parody of the horror genre-as-drama and so uses its (self-)referential trappings & imagery to combat the realism inherent to the constructed (un)realist space. Confusion used as a tool to offset and dictate desires at a p(l)ace against human interactivity, characters embedded in light and fanfare amidst the skeletal remains of bygone eras and appeals to prescient violence. There's a lightness to its action and its 'sensibilities' that prevents empathy without precluding personalisation or identification. Humanising death, dancing with(in) the corpses, old and new, to the tune of self-preservation and emotional engagement with the humanity of exploitation. Capitalists will tell you they reinvented the wheel if there are enough of them to convince you of their differences. Who won the chilli contest? It doesn't matter if competitive industry can inform you that winners may thrive among their own revelries. It drags but not always without purpose. The avenging feminine standing atop the commercialisation of American history, or, perhaps, the industrial lie that provokes alienation from interconnectivity (regardless of prior build-up or focus).

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