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  • The Town

    The Town

    It would've been nice if the other two guys had more character but the two leads are enough to carry. Hamm is good but a little over the top. Great thriller with great heists and extravagant dialogue.

  • Da 5 Bloods

    Da 5 Bloods

    4 vets and one of their kids return to Vietnam in the modern day to find the seized gold that they buried in the jungle during the war. While wandering aimlessly around the jungle the son grabs a shovel and toilet paper and leaves the group to dig himself a shit hole. Clink! He strikes gold. Literally. Then I decided it wasn't worth continuing.

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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    This is such a special movie. There's so many things captured here that I've never seen captured anywhere else. I've seen this four times now and I still watch the fucking omelette scene mouth gaped. In my mind Alma and Reynolds are two of the best characters ever penned. And probably my favorite score of all time? Shape of Water my ass.

  • Burning



    Hae-mi is eccentric, bold, charming and comfortable like a manic pixie dream girl, but she isn't one because she's not interested in Jong-su. He becomes attached though, and so instead of Hae-mi opening up Jong-su to exploration and enlightenment (the function of a tried and true manic pixie dream girl), she opens him up to obsession. A brief glimpse into connection accentuates the pain of loneliness and creates a stronger need to fill the emptiness. Jong-su is head over heals…