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This review may contain spoilers.

God damn, this movie is fucking awesome. Fun, funny, and exciting. I love how Edgar synced a lot of it to the music. I loved all the match cuts/fades and wipe transitions. Unlike the rest of his movies, this is an action movie first and a comedy second. The jokes are still pretty funny, and the action is really great. Exactly what I had hoped for... Until the last 15 minutes. There wasn't enough done with Baby and Debora's relationship to make me believe that she would want to abandon her life and just drive aimlessly with a now-criminal. The finale between Buddy and Baby loses the joy the rest of the movie had. And the way the movie ends itself is kind of dumb. I think Edgar wrote himself into a corner, where at the point that Baby wakes up in the car with Debora driving, there was two ways it could have gone, and either would have been dumb.

Still, the first 95 minutes more than makes up for the last 15.

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