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  • Vampire's Kiss

    Vampire's Kiss


    it's american psycho starring nic cage in a vampire himboification narrative and thus is the greatest movie of all time

  • Session 9

    Session 9


    yet again love when a movie is like "hey aren't these some interesting ideas??" and then they proceed to ignore that and do the most boring shit imaginable

    edit: oh of course it's the fucking machinist guy

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  • Cats



    halfway through a viewing at alamo drafthouse, vernon passed me a note that just said "This movie is the Martyrs of musicals."

  • A Serbian Film

    A Serbian Film


    Okay. Okay. Listen. I am concerned something has gone wrong with my brain because I really liked and appreciated this movie so I guess I'm a pervert now. I just spent a while typing this up and I'm typically one for a single line shitpost of a review for things because truthfully, I don't take this silly site too seriously. But this provoked some serious thought for me. So here is a pervert's messy attempt to be serious about A…