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  • Bad Hair

    Bad Hair


    The complexities of the characters made this all feel very real. It was great watch and did an amazing job of exploring the turmoil of the main characters. I really appreciated the FOIL dynamic between the mother and child in regards to what “femininity” is in this world as well as the son’s desire to gravitate towards it versus the mother’s repulsion of it due to the struggles she encounters in life(ie job, her boss etc.). I think it’s “one” of roots to her not understanding her son(despite the obvious). Their relationship was depicted in such a heartbreaking way. Really enjoyed this one!

  • Trash



    The kids made this film! It was very entertaining and to think this was their first time acting. It’s crazy! But yeah they sold the film. Hands down was a great watch!

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  • Haiti My Love

    Haiti My Love


    Great film! Stunning visuals and a relaxing pace that lets you take in the beauty of Haiti. It was refreshing to not have a heavy plot and immerse yourself in just what Haiti is through the lens of people who actually care. A gem in its own right and a lovely watch :).

  • Tatu



    KAMANI! This film was pretty straightforward. Nothing amazing but it was fairly decent. I laughed at some parts and it kept my attention. It could have been a whole lot better but it did it’s job. The mother’s resolve to protect her daughter was touching. I think the lore and the overall story could have been better introduced to the audience.