• Black Christmas

    Black Christmas


    Disturbing as hell. Excellent filmmaking.

  • Beyond Re-Animator

    Beyond Re-Animator


    This is what you get when you insert Jeffrey Combs's fantastic performance as Herbert West into a lackluster movie, but still with Screaming Mad George special effects. Everything sucks but Combs and some of the effects, basically.

  • Jack Frost

    Jack Frost

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I guess technically the scene where the snowman rapes a teenage girl to death isn't as tasteless as it might have been.

  • Picasso Trigger

    Picasso Trigger


    I expect more from an Andy Sidaris movie.

  • Deathstalker IV: Match of Titans

    Deathstalker IV: Match of Titans


    It's light on plot, but still pretty fun.

  • Death Wish 3

    Death Wish 3


    A beautiful celebration of excess

  • Godzilla



    Thankful for the big fella

  • Night Call Nurses

    Night Call Nurses


    I've definitely seen worse sex comedies. I've probably seen worse sex comedies from Roger Corman.

  • It! The Terror from Beyond Space

    It! The Terror from Beyond Space


    If this only had a better looking monster, this would be up there in the top tier of '50s sci-fi movies.

  • Equals



    I think it's high time we realized that we've tried way too hard to make Nicholas Hoult a star.

  • Naked Souls

    Naked Souls


    Not too many sleazy erotic thrillers delve into metaphysics.

  • Knightriders



    Why does nobody talk about this movie? Other than Night of the Living Dead and maybe Martin, I think it's Romero's best movie.