Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League


the eternal recurrence of Zarathustra

a positive tabula rasa to round out the object that Watchmen wishes it could be the knowledge-of

JL is the interface between its two temporarilities - frame & narrative - and, in it, the speed force is virtually gravitational, except when it's not

the broadest of strokes in its themings, an obsessively acrylic pointilism in its framings

ZSJL undoes many of the cuts and sutures of Whedon's product, to replace them with its own - driven by a will to will to will to strength rather than whatever finality was at play the "first" time around

parricide, transurrection, Difference, Presence, Becoming. light & shadow approximating the Darkness, ontologues in a world without onticity

this would make Nietzsche cum

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