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  • mother!



    Mother! is a horror film for women. It taps into all the things. The constant male gaze, the constant threat of danger. The subjugation of women in the home, the threat of the 'other female', the expectation to be seen and not heard. The fears and anxieties in relationships. The feeling of complete vulnerability while pregnant juxtaposed with that immediate fierceness / fearlessness that every new mother owns. The rage that simmers beneath the surface. The knowing that something is very wrong. Written and directed by a man but absolutely delivering a host of female horrors for this mother.

  • Wildlife



    Beautifully realised and observed. A painful capture of the failure of a marriage through the eyes of a 14 year old boy.

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  • TÁR


    A film of three parts that builds with intensity and delivers it's brutal comeuppance in the most delightful way.
    Cate Blanchett conducts this role with masterful glee, she's basically possessed. The rehearsal scenes deliver some of the most ecstatic moments. And the sound design is just so darn clever in the way it haunts and surprises throughout. See it in a cinema.

  • The Fabelmans

    The Fabelmans

    I’m coming back to this review after a day of reflection. While this movie surely is an ode to movie-making, and to the coming-of-age journey of Sam (Spielberg), it is ultimately a love letter to mothers. To what they give up, to the lives they forfeit and how they must evolve, and the selfish role they all have to take in their own ‘coming of age’ path as their children grow up. The most emotive movie-within-a-movie moment is the camping…

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  • Cousins



    To all of the wahine involved in the making of this film, thank you for bringing this beautiful, painful story to the big screen. The amount of te reo spoken throughout was wonderful to hear. I long for more of this in cinema.
    The female voices were beautiful. The male characters were acting in ways that we don't often get to see on screen. I was pained by my preconceived ideas of what I thought some of those male characters…

  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    Thank goodness for the dark comfort of the cinema. The expert sound design, the minimal soundtrack, the master class acting & directing would never have captivated me had I been sitting at home watching it on the telly (with all the distractions that come with that).
    I had a moment in this film where I noted that Emily Blunt may in fact be my new favourite actress. The combined terror and the strength on her face making me physically squirm in…