Birth ★★★★½

The Ghost of Love

One of those great, "boy, what a difference a decade makes" viewing experiences. I loved this when it came out, but I found it creepy and arch, focusing on the weirdness and the class issues it seems to be picking at. Years later, a core sadness rises to the top. The absurdity of love and desire caught up in competitions with the absurdity of class, the absurdity of belief, the absurdity of memory, of family, of age... the random chance of birth. The tragedy of these two yearning souls finding each other but being unable to connect is expressed in every minute detail of Kidman's performance and Glazer's isolating compositions that often freeze both performer and camera. A zoom lens gives the only motion as if the subjects are sepia toned photos in a Ken Burns doc. The living dead.

One of the best movies of the 00s!

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