In Jackson Heights

In Jackson Heights ★★★★

Communities within communities within communities. Supporting each other, some more privileged than others, all connected by the simple fact that capitalism will swallow us all, no matter where you came from or where you want to go.

Best connected dots: "When they ask you why do you want to become a citizen what will you say?"
"Freedom of religion, freedom of choice,..."
"No, that's the bill or rights. Say 'to vote.' I mean, say whatever you want, but I'm telling you it's best to just say 'to vote.'"
"My city council member never comes around here and my state representative is being investigated for fraud."

MVP: The cranky 98-year-old woman. "I'd be fine if my brains would go if only I could have my foot back."
Runner up: The Yellow Cab teacher (Nose-Eat-Shoes-Wash, Never-Ever-Smoke-Weed, directions!)

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