Inferno ★★★★½

"This old building is just full of secrets like that."

Freed from the constraints of a conventional plot (come on, are any of you really into Argento's plot lines anyway?), this gets right to the meat of peak Italian horror: nightmare-logic set-pieces! There's no Jessica Harper to consistently guide us through what it turns out is the real star of the movie: an imposing apartment building, the interiors nauseatingly saturated in Argento's favored purple/blue/red and angular features hovering in the foreground. Architecture and design is often prominent in Argento, but here it even takes part in the violence with killer curtains, slicing door knobs and guillotine windows. The passageways are dangerous, and the characters should know better, but they always probe and dig and pass through doors and windows and go down rabbit holes hoping to find...what? As with most dark fairy tales, it's only ever death and loss.

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