Mur Murs

Mur Murs ★★★★

If these walls could talk...

As charming and humane as any other Varda doc I've seen, and a city symphony to boot. There's a literal parade and a parade of Angelino characters: a latinx new wave punk group called The Illegals pounds out angry songs, a Dutch-Spanish woman who's "lived here for years" mildly complains about how the Mexicans love to paint, an amorous husband is accused of worshiping women by muscle men, TV stars of yesteryear stand in for the holy trinity ("God would have large hands"), a broken engagement is immortalized on the side of a wedding clothes store, a juggler proselytizes, a roller skater gestures, "What do you want me to do?", and life and death and love and history and commerce play out on the walls, a reflection of the people (or sometimes no people). Varda can barely hide her contempt for the slaughterhouse using cute, "naive" murals of pigs on their walls, and the unacknowledged labor of the artist. Pig politics.

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