O.C. and Stiggs ★★★★½

Phoenix, Arizona: Home of stupid vanity plates on gaudy cars, bomb shelter owning puritanical paranoids, shell shocked 'Nam vet gun nuts, unhappy marriages, crass sweat-shop owning entrepreneurs, hate for neighbors, rows of houses that look the same, enough hate for everyone and everything, and two party time bros who don't' take anything seriously and just wanna get laid and partake in a little cultural appropriation on the way. Do they have any of this in other cities? Well, it's the United States of America, they're all the same.

Also this movie is insane and extremely funny in spite of (and because of) its biting BITING angry critical edge. It's unlike anything else before or after it, and in a just world it would have started a revolution in American comedy filmmaking. It's probably just too subversive and too uniquely Altman to be replicated. The amazing ensemble performances: Jane Curtin! Ray Walston! Martin Mull in full on sleazebag tiki bachelor mode! Melvin Van Peebles destroying it with one of the most explosive self-critical lines in the movie!

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