Sorcerer ★★★★★

I typed too fast and it blew up my thoughts into fragments:
The bride wore a black eye.
"For ten years of an eternity." (inscription on a watch later covered in blood)
That sexy Coca-Cola ad girl eternally reaching for that bottle.
"You want to go home?"
Herzog talking about landscapes reflecting the internal state of the characters on the NOSFERATU commentary track
"How long has it been since you turned them?"
The opening sections play like short films or flashback segments in an Amicus horror anthology (i.e. How did we all end up in purgatory?)
"Can I have two minutes?"
Money is like us in time, it lies but can't stand up
"I can't go to Managua."
The time in Paris.
"4 Años mas" (four more years)
Cuts denying closure.

Boy I love this nasty, thrilling movie.

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