The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years ★★★★

Not necessarily the best movie to watch back to back with the original. Where the original feels immediate, urgent and objective, this movie is so staged and angled towards condescension that it's almost off-putting as a documentary. In order to believe that Ozzy is really spilling orange juice all over his countertop, one has to ignore that it's an insert shot showing this (Ozzy maintains that this was staged). The memorable Chris Holmes bits, which thrilled/shocked me so much when I first saw this, may also have been largely staged. But then you gotta consider the subject matter. Isn't making something ridiculously fake and laughable exactly the form that this content deserves? The answers is, for the most part, yes!

Great comedy, not a great documentary, either way, totally entertaining.

PS - Lemmy comes off as the most charming, loveable dude. Not really sure why he, Ozzy or Megadeth are in this as they seem so distinctly separate musically and stylistically from the more flamboyant LA butt rockers.

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