The Duke of Burgundy

The Duke of Burgundy ★★★★★

Rejected tagline: "Love means never having to say you're sorry... unless I ask you to... But it'd be nice not to have to ask."

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Relationships ebb and flow like water, change like seasons, grow as if in a life cycle. We just happen to be watching these two in their own microscopic cocoon universe where the pop of a bubble packs more of a sensuous punch than the explicit nudity of the European exploitation movies whose clothes this movie is wearing. These are rich, sumptuous trappings, to be sure, but what makes this movie so special is how it transcends homage as it transcends the superficially scandalous nature of the central romance to find something more universal: unconditional love requires understanding, communication, caring, and compromise. I'm floored by how this works as a romance even though it has pee jokes, hypnotic dream sequences and a three minute Brakhage-esque moth montage.

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