The Revenant ★★★

(It's) HARD TO BE A GO(o)D (Movie)
Days of Heavin'

Mostly entertaining spectacle, but good googly moogly could the movie draw any more attention to its own production? By the time Leo's breath fogs up the camera lens it was about time number 2073 that I noticed there was a camera. Seems at odds with the realism/naturalism for which the movie is going. It's also jarring every time there's a CGI animal on screen (the audience I saw it with laughed when the bear falls on Leo*). Lubezki's digital photography (though excellent) is so smooth, crisp, clean and sharp that it also seems at odds with the bloody, muddy, dirty, gritty raw aesthetic of the production. I kept waiting for David Attenborough's "Planet Earth" narration. Hopefully this movie is used just as often to demo TVs at Best Buy.

But I knew this would be portentous, it's Iñarritu, who in my estimation has made zero great movies, but apparently in his estimation is always making the BEST MOST IMPORTANT MOVIE YOU'VE EVER SEEN LOOK AT THIS LEVITATING INDIAN CHICK HOLY SHIT CAN YOU FEEL HOW DEEP AND HEAVY THIS IS AND HAVE YOU NOTICED HOW LONG THIS SHOT IS AND WHAT WE WENT THROUGH TO GET IT? There's some thrilling scenes, and the germ of something to do with currency\trade, vengeance, and yadda yadda, but it's crippled by its own weight. Would love to see this amount of production and acting talent, money and energy go to something slimmer and more content in being "just a genre movie."

*-"What a klutz!" - Zane

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