The Room

Me to my 65 year-old mother and 28 year-old sister: "Want to go see THE ROOM? Someone offered me tickets to a sold out show with the filmmaker in attendance."
Mom and sister: "What's THE ROOM?"

Now I've been disowned, and having seen this movie all the way through for the first time, I feel more spiritually drained and existentially depressed than I think was intended. I'd be a hypocrite to not say I found some pockets of miracles in the quirky inept DIYness of it all and plenty of mirth in the parts that seem to be alien misinterpretations of human behavior. Sadly it lacks a hook and reeks of garden variety failure more than the trash I usually get behind. I really do have an ongoing existential anxiety that everything I do is a failure and everyone is just humoring me because they enjoy watching me flounder. To see that happen for real to a person is kind of horrifying and only exacerbated by the fact that this person is quite possibly a talentless scumbag who has attempted to reclaim his failure as a deliberate success. And even more scummy people are enabling him with a platform to create new work?! It's a crazy world. Also, the age old question: "Why would they come just to boo us?"

All that said, pretty much everything Tommy Wiseau says and does in THE ROOM is hilarious.

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