Touki Bouki ★★★★½

"Paris, Paris, Paris," the record loops but never advances suggesting he'll probably never get there. Conflicts over resources and debts, an utterance of "Shit!" as a tilt-up reveals European style high rise buildings over the more humble African abodes, Senegal has a strange appeal. Playful visual rhymes link a slaughtered steer and the protagonist's motorcycle, then blood draining from a goat's throat to the waves in a crevice to his girlfriend's sexual arousal. An abstract, surreal lovers on the run road movie explodes and implodes under the force of Mambety's stylized editing, the timeline of events vague and open ended. Maybe it's my cultural distance, but I felt nearly baffled by the final moments of the movie, though ultimately I found it mysterious in a pleasing way. It seems to be simultaneously a love letter and a eulogy for Senegal. Looking forward to seeing more Mambety and watching this again some day.